Netmond This programm designed to monitor network devices ( hosts ) and collect their state data. It uses icmp echo ( ping ) method to monitor reachability and SNMPv1 for data collecting. Also it can check some simple services with internal chat script interpreter.

While adopting this programm for my needs, i made some expansions: Description here (README.port)
The patch.

How to apply patch:

    % ftp
    % tar zxvf netmond-2.2-b6.tgz
    % cd netmond-2.2-b6
    % tar zxf /some/where/netmond-patch.tgz
    % cat patch* | patch
    % ./configure
    % make

The NETMOND project is the member of FreeBSD ports collection (since version 5.3) net-mgmt/netmond


Documentation for netmond
Maillist archive -
Precompilled PACKAGE for FreeBSD 5.4(i386) - netmond-2.2b6_1.tbz

Old versions

Graphical user interface for netmond - TkNetmon.

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